Xenodium is a rare and valueble element that is gold in color, and is the primary resource in Starfront: Collision. A worker unit can construct a mining structure on the meteor crash site to extract Xenodium. Xenodium is used for the contruction of buildings and units. Xenodium-collecting units can ussually store up to 3 workers but by researching it twice, it can store up to 7, which can help you collect 3x more Xenodium.

The Unique CollectorEdit

After a Xenodium node is empty, you must "recycle" the building, except for one kind, the MegaMite. If you're finished collecting a Xenodium node or not, you can uproot the MegaMite and order it to downroot again on a different Xenodium node. All the workers that were previously in the MegaMite will still remain inside, that is what makes the Myriad so special and favored by many people.

Tip: Greedy of Xenodium? Build multiple Xenodium-collecters on different Xenodium nodes, that way you are able to collect them 3x faster and more.

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