Stealth Units are one of the most favoured units around the world. Why? Because they are the only units that can NEVER be damaged or seen unless detected by an Earthshaker or turrets. Though there is one kind of stealth unit that can be invisible but cannot attack, which are the Void Chasers, they can switch between normal and stealth modes. Eventhough they lack of invincibility, they are still favoured because they are the best spies as they will not stop by to attack when invisible. To many players, the best stealth unit is the Prowler. They may move rather slowly and there're long gaps between each shot but not only they're carrying snipers (which make them long-rangers) and they deal extreme damge and can take down a whole Eschaton quickly if in a large group. Now, lets talk about the Hammerhead. Despite their name, they share nothing of the Hammerhead Shark.(except for the hammer-liked head and both are carnivores), while the sharks are swimming in the ocean, Hammerheads are running on land and share an identical body structure to raptors. They are the second best (The first being the Prowler and last being the Void Chaser) stealth units as they move the fastest and have an extremely high attack speed (though they deal not much damage).