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Welcome to the wiki. If you're a Starfront Collision player, give this RTS the recognition it deserves by helping us construct the database! Member or not, feel free to help us build it!

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Right now, everything! Jump right in, edit or create a page, and write a description about your topic. Let Starfront Collision players know what your topic is about and add some general information about it or maybe a photo or two. If you spot any spelling errors or broken language, please amend it. If you found any information that we don't know, immediately add it before someone else does!

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  • That Megamites can actually uproot and move to another Xenodium Node?
  • That none of the Consortium are melee?
  • That Eschatons are actually the ejected body of the Eschaton Building?

Did you know that you could see more "Did You Knows" in here?

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File:Starfront: Collision - The Story Trailer

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