In StarFront: Collision, there are three races to choose from, all have unique stratgeies, units, and buildings to use and upgrade. The three races are the Myriad, the Wardens, and the Consortium.


The Myriad are the insect/parasite type of race in StarFront: Collision. Their units are relatively weak when you first start a match using them, but their units can get to be one of the strongest later on in the match. One advantage the Myriad have is that the MegaMite (Xenodium Miner) is mobile. If you have tapped all of the resources in that particular Xenodium meteor, you can move the MegaMite to another source.
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Their infantry are exceptionally strong early on, but later on in the game, their strength slowly gets better, unlike the Myriads, who start off weak and get strong. Wardens are particularly great rushers, but this can be easily countered if your opponent knows that you are rushing.

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They are well-rounded in strength at the beginning, a cross of strength between Myriads and Wardens. They use an array of units such as Helicopters, Tanks, Turrets, Jets, and Jeeps.

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