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Mangler Concept art

Manglers are the weakest but fastest military units for the Myriad. While they have very low health (for comparison, the Grub has four bars of health) and a weak attack, they make up for it in cheap and quick production and fast movement speed.

In combat, Manglers are best used for attacking in large masses to cause much confusion while your more combat effective military units pick off occupied enemy military units.

Manglers appear as bipedal lizards with arms that ressemble that of a praying mantis. They appear to use there arms to help them run which is probably how they can run faster than Venom Slingers.

Unit Statistics[]

Combat Stats:

Attack Damage: 5

Attack Type:



Defense Stats:

Health: 45

Armour: 5~

Movement Speed:



Researches: None

Effected by (Researches): Ferocity, Resilence

Requires: Nothing; Unlocked at beginning.