An Eschaton (third one counting from the left)

The Eschaton is the Mega Unit for the Wardens; it is the only flying Mega Unit. Each can attack up to 5 enemies at once and through research it can unleash lasers directly below the unit to deal massive damage.

Advantages of the Eschaton include groud based crowd control, as what the Eschaton lacks in sheer damage is made up through its ability to target mutiple enemies at once. Its status as an air unit also provide it some invulnerability from certain other units. 

Disadvantages of the Eschaton include its attack restriction to only land based units. Furthermore, its relatively weak damage per unit make it ineffective to take down enemies with large health, unless Gridfire is researched. 

Unit StatisticsEdit

Combat Stats

Attack Damage: 50 (per unit) (?)

Attack Type:

Mid ranged
Mid Ranged

Multipe Targets

Defence Stats

Health: ...

Armour: ...

Movement Speed:


Available Researches: Gridfire

Effected by (Research): ...

Requires: Air Superiority(Research), Voliton(Building)