Real life Chronomancer

Chronomancers are the flagship unit of the Wardens faction. Unlike the other flagship units, Chronomancers are high-end infantry which require research and structures to build. They are the Warden's only ranged infantry.

One notable Chronomancer is Tek, who assisted Lt. Clavis's escape from Warden captivity by giving him a cloaking device. Later in the story, it appears other Warden have rebelled, forming a splinter group.

Chronomancers appear to be officials in Warden society. In the Consortium mission 'The Third Kind', a Chronomancer informed Clavis of the imminent destruction of the capital ship with the Starlance Cannon; at least one Guardian reported to this Chronomancer.

Unit statisticsEdit

Combat Stats

Attack Damage: 100

Attack Type:splash

Mid ranged

Mid Ranged

Defense Stats

Health: 100

Armour: ....

Movement Speed: fast


Available Rasearches: ...

Effected by (Reasearches): ...

Requires: Cyberboost (Research)


Starfront Title Screen

Another real life Chronomancer at Starting Screen (Third one from left)