Campaigns (or Levels) are part of the Single Player mode. If you want to access another campaign, you must complete the one before first, i.e If you complete the Consortium Campaign, you will unlock the Myriad Campaign. Below is the list of campaigns.

Campaign Name Difficulty Objective Extra Note
Tutorial 1 Very Easy

Learn the Basic Controls of the game, Pan the Camera, Order Units to move etc.

Tutorial 2 Very Easy Learn how to fight, escape etc. None
Tutorial 3 Very Easy Learn how to manage your base, build, train units etc. None
Tutorial 4 Very Easy Learn advanced things like the three buttons below the screen and setting rally points etc. None

Consortium Campaign
Campaign Name (Level #) Difficulty Objective Extra Note
Distress Signal (Level 1) Easy Rescue the survivors N/A.
The Calm Before the Storm (Level 2) Easy Rescue Professor Miranda from the Myriads N/A.
Mirands's Warning (Level 3) Medium Lead the special Harrower to either one of the Megamites. If you choose the heavily guarded one, you will earn an achievement.
The Black Sheep of the Family (Level 4) Easy Investigate the source of the radiation. N/A.
Inquiry (Level 5) Easy Survive until reinforcements arrive. N/A.
The Third Kind (Level 6) Medium Help Lt. Clavis escape the Warden Use the Field Generators to recharge.
Race Against Time (Level 7) Medium Destroy the Starlance Cannon before it fires. Time provided is 20 mins.
Final Step (Level 8) Medium Eliminate the Delta faction. Yours and your ally's base must not be destroyed.

Myriad Campaign
Campaign Name (Level #) Difficulty Objective Extra Note
Mine! (Level 9) Easy Bring a Megamite to one of the Xenodium Nodes and collect 5000 Xenodium ore. Destroy the Consortium precense before you bring the Megamites and allow your Megamites to downroot on the Xenodium Nodes on the way first.
The Others (Level 10) Medium Destroy all the corrupted Higher Knots before the disease spreads. You cannot train anymore units, so if all of them die, you will instantly fail the mission. There is a bug in this mission, on the way, there are supposed to be a Screamer and several Manglers that will follow you, but they will still remain in the green group, so you will have to restart the checkpoint for them to follow you.
The Calling (Level 11) Easy Bring the Megamite to the "Stone" and bring it back to the base. The special Megamitemust survive, eventhough you have destroyed the Wardens precense, there will still be some corrupted Myriads and Wardens that will appear by surprise.

None Shall Pass (Level 12)

Easy You must not let 20 Consortium units rescue the others, there will be 7 waves of them. You can use the tunnel to transport Grubs to the other side, though the first part does't have a tunnel. This is the only level with two Piths.
Tides of War (Level 13) Medium Protect the Evolver Shroud unitl it evolves into a Battlemite then destroy the Wardens (purple group) precense. The Evolver Shroud must survive. Send some units to protect the shroud because the Wardens (purple group) will send units to destroy it every 2-3 mins.

Wardens Campaign
Campaign Name (Level #) Difficulty Objective Extra Note
Wake Up Call (Level 14) Easy Get Chronomancer Tek to the Prime Cluster to activate it. None.
Unfriendly Neighboors (Level 15) Easy Find and activate the Ecshaton. Get the Void Chser to the Fractal Monolith. The Void Chaser must survive. None.
Last Stand (Level 16) Medium Protect the Artifact. None.
The End None Watch the clip. None.