Did You Know?Edit

Do you need to know more about stuff in Starfront: Collision but can't find it? In here, you can find all the secrets and stuff about the game!

  1. That Megamites can uproot and move to another Xenodium Node?
  2. That none of the Consortium are melee attackers?
  3. That the Eschaton is acctually the ejected body of the Eschaton Building?
  4. That the chrome colour the friendly Wardens use and the maroon that the rogue Consortium uses in campaign mode are not available elsewhere?
  5. That Battlemites are acctually evolved MegaMites?
  6. That Guardians switched to ranged mode shoots red laser beams instead of normal pink lasers and will only shoot pink ones when attacking air units?
  7. That worker units were mean't to be like real life objects? The Drudge is a rover, Grubs are worms and Examplars are bees/wasps.
  8. That the evil Wardens (purple group in campaign) are just Normal Wardens with a bug in their systems?
  9. That each Mega Unit can detect stealth but only the Earthshaker displays the Eye icon (which represents the stealth detection ability) on its portrait?
  10. That each campaign has less levels? The Consortium Campaign has 8 levels, Myriad Campaign has 5 and Wardens Campaign only has 3. This may be because the levels get harder and harder and if Gameloft added more, it would have taken a long time to complete Campaign Mode.
  11. That when you are selecting races in Skirmish Matches or campaigns in Campaign Mode, the Flagship unit of the race will make a unit response if you tap it?
  12. The Myriad are indiginous to the planet in the sinistra system.
  13. The Warden(chronomancer) ability in the opening video is not avalable
  14. The Warden basic unit(Gaudian) cost is 120Xen vs. 40Xen for the Myriad's flagship unit(Mangler).
  15. It was a consortium servey ship/probe that detected the Xenodium, Though the Myriad were on the planet before hand.The Warden were the last to arrive.
  16. starfront on mac os x has a higher resolution than the ipad version.
  17. Myriad buildings cannot be recycled, but the megamites can be uprooted
  18. The earthshaker has the raze ability, which is great agenst units, but not so vs. buildings, though it can shoot from any distance.